E-KOB CONSULTING LIMITED is an Accounting and Management Consultants based in Accra, Ghana.  Established in June 2012, it has professionals with wide range of experience in, Financial and Compliance Audit; Management Audit; , Forensic Audit; Preparation of Accounting Manuals, Financial Management and Training,  Financial Management; Financial Management Systems Review; Public Enterprises and Privatisation;

Corporate Restructuring, Capital Restructuring and Recapitalization; Share Valuation, Business Valuation, Financial Analysis; Design of Management Information Systems; Strategic Corporate Planning; Cost Management System Implementation; Corporate Taxes (in USA, UK and Ghana), Project Impact Assessment;

Capital Markets, Investment Management and Securities Analysis; Business Development and Management; Market Analysis; Business Planning; Project Feasibility Studies; Economic Studies, Human Resource Planning and Development.

Specialized Functional Areas:

  • Financial Audit;
  • Management Audit;
  • Forensic Audit;
  • Financial Management;
  • Training in book-keeping ;
  • Corporate Restructuring;
  • Share Valuation;
  • Business Valuation;
  • Investment Analysis.
  • Preparation of Accounting Manuals;
  • Design and Implementation of Management Information System;
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in Corporate Taxes;
  • Business Planning;
  • Profit Improvement;
  • Cost Containment;
  • Industry, Market and Economic Studies.
  • Public Enterprises and Privatisation;


Our professionals are supported by a highly qualified and experienced administrative support staff with a fully equipped State-of-the-Art office automation system.


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